Paul van Schaik

Paulus Johannes Anthonius van Schaik (Rotterdam,12 February 1968) is a Dutch writer, musician, feedom coach and conceptual artist. He is best known as the bass player of Bad to the Bone.

Personal history

Paul van Schaik was born in Rotterdam Crooswijk. For several years, he studied philosophy and art and cultural sciences at Erasmus University. Rotterdam was also his hometown during his musical and journalistic career. The key to his philosophy of life is that man lives in heaven but is just too stupid to realize it. This is expressed in his columns and books. His conceptual art productions can be described as manic realistic.

Van Schaik has two sons, Milan en Mink, from his relationship with Kira Groos. After that he was married to Natascha Koelhof.


For fifteen years, Van Schaik was a reporter for magazines such as Panorama, KIJK and Rails. He specialized in crime, architecture, and pop culture. He has written four books. “Allemaal Jongens die uit de voeten konden” about profesional boxers from Crooswijk, the district he was born, “Broodje Brood” with hilarious tales about dutch rockstar Herman Brood, “Tough Guys” a dangerous book for boys of all ages and “The Glamourpresident” on the relation of sex, drugs, and power in the life of John F. Kennedy. He also wrote a chapter on organized crime in Rotterdam for “Standplaats Nederland”, a book edited by Gerlof Leistra.

Through his publishing house, Wonderland Publishing, he produced the anniversary book for the Rotterdam pop festival Metropolis, which used augmented reality for the first time. Live video’s were added to the written word.

As a rock ‘n’ roll promoter, he arranged concerts at the former Waterfront stage, including Mothers Finest and Hugh Cornwell. With his company Get Yer Rocks Off he made an attempt to reinstate the first multi-day pop festival in the Netherlands, the Holland Pop Festival 1970. This was a protest action against the Live Nation/Mojo cartel, which has the monopoly in organizing pop concerts worldwide, he earned him the nickname “Most maligned festival organizer in the Netherlands”. It is the leitmotif in the novel “Walk this way: Rocky road to Freedom”.

As a musician, Van Schaik was an active member of the Aftrekkertjes, Zwit, Household Lunatics, Wallrus and Bad to the Bone.


Cycling 1979-1984 RWC Ahoy
Boxing 1992-2018 RBV Crooswijk


Publisher Wonderland Publishing 2012-2016
Organizer theme dinners on vessel Succes, Rotterdam 2016-2017
Operator restaurant Local Legends, TU Eindhoven 2018-2020


Wallrus –The Wind Blows Witches from the Sky, 2003

Burn the Shivers, 2007

Bad to the Bone – Primitive Urge , 1998

Bad to the Bone –Thirteen, 2017


Allemaal Jongens die uit de voeten konden, Trichis Publishing Rotterdam, 2002

Stoere Jongens, Forte, 2008 

Broodje Brood, Trichis Publishing, 2009

De Glamourpresident John F. Kennedy, Quest, 2009

Standplaats Nederland, Dutch Media Uitgevers, 2011