Coaching: how to be free

Freedom coaching

Paul van Schaik’s personal coaching helps you eliminate suffering. Once you understand your own mind is creating all mental pain, and you start recognising when it does so, you’ll start living in a more enlightened state.

Van Schaik’s philosophy, expressed in his novel Walk This Way: Rocky road to Freedom (Mijn strijd 1½) borrows wisdom of spiritual leaders like Jiddu Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle and Neville Goddard. These philosophies all teach how to let go of fear and to enjoy life in the moment. You’ll discover that feeling good is a matter of choice.

When you’re aware of your feelings, you become autonomous. That is the gateway to personal freedom. It’s no complex teaching, requiring you to meditate for years, nor a step-by-step process: For most clients, a series of 5 sessions will do.

With How to be Free, Van Schaik offers a result-driven, practical method that teaches you how to distinguish thinking from being. This way you are able to feel more and to hear your innervoice. You are then able to live more according to your own values and become free.

Once you succeed in implementing the insight, you will enter a permanent state of inner peace and freedom.